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Penny Davis - Notes
  • 3/13/2020


    On behalf of myself and NCAA Women’s Basketball, I want to offer a sincere thank you to all of you for your hard work throughout the year and this season.  We all share in the disappointment of the historical cancellation of our championship tournaments.  Please keep yourself and your families safe and healthy during this time and help to mitigate the spread of the virus.

    This pandemic may have interrupted our tradition of March Madness but it will not break the spirit of our game.  We will come back for the 2020-21 season with a renewed excitement.  

    For your planning purposes, here is information on the 2020 regional clinics:

    Arbiter registration: August 24, 2020 to February 23, 2021

    Phoenix  Clinic: Sunday September 13, 2020

    Philadelphia Clinic: Saturday September 26, 2020

    Atlanta Clinic: Sunday October 4, 2020

    Indianapolis Clinic: Sunday October 11, 2020

    Your service and commitment to the game is greatly appreciated!  


    Penny Davis
    National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officials

    Mary Toberman, DIII National Coordinator of Officials
    Lynne Andrew, NCAA Staff
    Roberta Page, NCAA Staff
    Kelly Whitaker, NCAA Staff

  • 8/27/2019

    The best part of the year is upon us!  It’s time for the sounds of dribbling basketballs, sneakers squeaking on the hardwood, the net swishing and yes, the whistle from the referee.  I trust we all are excited and getting prepared mentally and physically to get back on the court for this upcoming season.

    We will continue to use ArbiterSports and the NCAA Women’s Basketball Officiating Central Hub to communicate important basketball information.  Please visit the Center Court Central Hub frequently to stay current on the latest Women’s Basketball officiating news and information.

    On the central hub, you will be able to read the latest rules interpretations from the Secretary-Rules Editor and bulletins from the National Coordinator, complete your requirements to be considered for a postseason assignment, take periodic rules quizzes, and review videos clips on correct application of the rules and mechanics of officiating.

    To register, click the REGISTRATION Tab at the top of the page.

    The 2019-20 NCAA Women's Basketball Officiating Exam will be available on the TESTING Tab from September 20 until October 25 at 5PM Eastern Time.  When available, the 2019-20 Women’s Basketball Officiating Video can be accessed on the VIDEO Tab.  Searchable rules and case books are available by clicking on the RULES BOOK Tab.  A digital version of the Mechanics Manual will be available by clicking the CCA APP Tab.

    This year’s Welcome Packet includes the 2019-2020 NCAA Women's Basketball Rules Book, 2019 NCAA Women's Basketball Case Book, and 2019 Women's CCA Mechanics Manual.  Welcome Packets will begin shipping in early September, with officials who registered first receiving their packets first.  Any questions about welcome packets can be submitted here.

    For Regional Clinic Registration, please click HERE.  When you register for the clinic, be sure to use the same email address that you used for your NCAA Women's Basketball central hub registration to ensure you receive credit (a green checkmark) in your Eligibility Center.

    Again this year, the ArbiterMobile app is available at no cost to NCAA registered officials. To download the app, please complete this season's officials' registration, and then download it from Google Play or iTunes

    Thank you for being a critical part of the Women’s Basketball Improvement Program.  If you have ideas or suggestions for improvement, please email me at:

    I am looking forward to seeing you at the Regional Clinics and throughout the upcoming season. 

    Penny Davis
    NCAA National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officials

  • 7/30/2019


    I want to share with you my enthusiasm and gratitude on being selected to be your national coordinator of women’s basketball. It’s a tremendous honor to get to follow in the path established by the leaders who came before me and to represent the NCAA. 

    The pivot from an on court official to serving in this role is bittersweet yet so exciting. I am grateful to the conferences, the coordinators and the many officials and observers I have learned from over the years. Those collective experiences have prepared me for this role and I am thrilled to be in the position to lead and learn from this new vantage point.

    In my career, I observed that officials always try to do their best, every game, every play. I never met a referee who tried to miss a call or one who wanted to do a bad job. Officials at all levels are passionate about what they do and strive for that unattainable perfect game. It’s my goal that we will all work together to raise officiating with the growth of our game so we can showcase this great game and these amazing student-athletes at all levels. 

    Our season will be beginning in less than 100 days and we need to be physically and mentally ready to go. I challenge you to elevate your preparation and that of those around you. Reach out and work with an official in your purview and give back to this game - each one reach one! 

    I look forward to seeing you at a regional clinic and on the court this season.

    Here we go!

    Penny Davis
    NCAA National Coordinator of Officials

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