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  • 9/17/2020

    To all NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Officials:


    Our fall virtual clinics are quickly approaching.  I am writing to remind Division I Women’s Basketball officials that to participate in the virtual clinics, you must first register as an Arbiter user:  

    After you register for Arbiter there will be a page to sign up for the Virtual clinics:

    Saturday, October 3, 2020 - 11:00am-3:00pm EST

    Sunday, October 11, 2020 - 11:00am-3:00pm EST

    Please note that we will cap the attendance for each session at 600 participants.  The first session is filling up quickly. Once the cap is reached the remaining officials will be moved to the second session.

    Registered officials will be required to watch the Instructional Video via Brainshark.  An email will be sent to you on how to access the required video before the clinic. Once an official watches the required video, they will receive an email to register for their specific Zoom Virtual Clinic from Lynne Andrew at the NCAA. Upon registration, officials will receive a confirmation email with their specific log-in information to the zoom call. Please do not lose or share this confirmation email as it is specific to you.

    In addition, we will provide a video recording of the clinic to all Arbiter registered officials the week after the last virtual clinic.  As a reminder, in order to receive credit towards Championship eligibility, you must register and attend one of the clinics live.  Watching a recorded version will not satisfy eligibility requirements.

    Best regards,

    Penny Davis
    NCAA National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating

  • 8/24/2020

    I hope that you are all healthy and staying safe.  This off-season has certainly been historic for us all.  While uncertainty remains, I am optimistic we will be back on the court this season.   I know we are all eager to get started with our return to sport.

    In preparation, it’s time to get registered with the NCAA Women’s Basketball Officiating Central Hub.  On the Central Hub, you will be able to read the latest rules interpretations from the Secretary-Rules Editor and bulletins from the National Coordinator, complete your requirements to be considered for a postseason assignment, take periodic rules quizzes, and review videos clips on correct application of the rules and mechanics of officiating.

    To register, click the REGISTRATION Tab at the top of the page.

    When available, the 2020-21 NCAA Women's Basketball Officiating Exam can be accessed on the TESTING Tab and the 2020-21 Women’s Basketball Officiating Video can be found on the VIDEO tab.  Searchable rules and case books are available by clicking on the RULES BOOK Tab.   An updated CCA app will deliver digital access to the Mechanics Manual located on the CCA APP Tab and new this year, a pdf version of the Mechanics Manual will be available on the opening day of the season.

    This year’s Welcome Packet includes the NCAA Women's Basketball Rules Book, NCAA Women's Basketball Case Book, and Women's CCA Mechanics Manual.  Welcome Packets will begin shipping in mid-September, with officials who registered first, receiving their packets first.  Any questions about welcome packets can be submitted here.

    Division I Virtual Clinic Registration will be completed as part of NCAA Women's Basketball Central Hub registration.  A week before your virtual clinic, you will receive the access details via email.  A link to the virtual clinic video will be provided to Division II, Division III  and all other officials after the Division I clinics are complete. 

    The ArbiterMobile app is available at no cost to NCAA registered officials. To download the app, please complete this season's officials' registration, and then download it from Google Play or iTunes

    Thank you for being a critical part of the Women’s Basketball Improvement Program.  If you have ideas or suggestions for improvement, please email me at:

    Have a great season!

    Penny Davis
    NCAA National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating

  • 7/30/2020

    During its July 22 videoconference, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel acted on several items.  Please click here to read the memorandum from Jeff Hurd, NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel.

  • 7/8/2020


    The mechanics committee has approved the adoption of new official’s jacket beginning in the 2020 season.  Please click here to view the announcement.

  • 5/29/2020

    Please click on the link to review the changes in the Fall Regional Officiating Clinics format.

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