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  • 7/20/2021


    We hope you are all healthy, happy and enjoying your summer!

    The dates and locations for the 2021 NCAA Regional Officiating Clinics have been set. As a reminder, to be eligible for selection ofthe 2022 DI NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, you must attend oneRegional Officiating Clinic. Due to the ongoing pandemic, clinic attendance will be restricted to Division I officials only.

    To ensure all clinic information is available and shared with Division II and Division III officials,we will record the Indianapolis clinic and make it available following the clinic. A Q&A zoom call will also be set up to allow DII and DIII officials to ask questions on the information from the clinics to Penny Davis and Jon Levinson. The instructional video, mechanics video and all other videos we present will be posted on Arbiter immediately following the last clinic.

    Registration for the upcoming Regional Clinics will open up in early August. Lodging and room rates will also be provided at that time. Please understand that changes to the format of the clinic may occur due to local and state COVID-19 restrictions.




    Sunday, Sept. 19

    Phoenix Airport Marriott

    Phoenix, AZ

    Saturday, Sept. 25

    Philadelphia Airport Marriott

    Philadelphia, PA

    Sunday, Oct. 3

    Atlanta Airport Marriott

    Atlanta, GA

    Sunday, Oct. 10

    NCAA Office/Fairfield Inn

    Indianapolis, IN


    We look forward to a great 2021-22 season!

  • 6/30/2021

    Please click the link to view Update on Uniform Patches.

  • 6/2/2021

    The Division II Women’s Basketball National Coordinator of Officials will select officials for the NCAA Division II Women’s Basketball Championship based on their nomination/ranking , recommendations from conference coordinators of officials and conference offices.  The coordinator will develop a method to evaluate officials’ performance during the regular season, conference tournaments and national championship.

    To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter, resume and list of references no later than June 25, 2021, to Lynne Andrew via email at Hard copies of this information will not be accepted.

    Click here for full job description.

  • 2/24/2021

    Please click the link to view NCAA Officials Health Dashboard.

  • 2/4/2021


    Please consider supporting the Kay Yow Cancer Fund Play 4Kay Initiative during the month of February.  Here’s a message from Stephanie Glance.

    Your support is appreciated!

    Penny Davis
    NCAA National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating

  • 1/27/2021


    Thank you for your important role in women's basketball through these unprecedented times.  I am amazed at the efforts you are putting forth to make the 2020-21 season happen. Thank you for all you are doing for the game.   Your work is appreciated and valued.

    Officiating Observations: You all have risen to the challenge of officiating this season through the various dynamics.  I want to challenge you to sharpen your game as we head into the final month of conference play and into playoffs.  Let's work to consistently apply our points of emphasis and enforce the rules as written.  I recognize that the social distancing guidelines creates challenges for having a typical pregame and postgame meeting.  It's essential that the crew finds a way to have meaningful pregame and postgame meetings to get on the same page and debrief. Pregame meetings with all members of the crew is critical for success, and this should include alternates if assigned.  While the game environment may feel casual with lack of fans, casual attire of coaches, etc.  officials should not be casual in their mechanics, signals, use of proper coverage and adherence to the performance standards. Attention to detail needs to be a priority. This would be a great time to revisit the instructional video that focuses on the points of emphasis for the season, along with a review of your mechanics manual to ensure that you are mechanically sound moving into the final weeks of the season.

    Mechanics Proposals: The NCAA Women's Basketball Mechanics Committee is now accepting mechanics change proposals to be considered for the mechanics survey and discussion at its spring meeting. The committee is interested in ideas and concerns relative to mechanics you think need to be changed. All proposals must be received by March 1, 2021. Please click the link to access the submission form:  

    COVID Protocols:  An update has been made to the mechanics protocols.  The most notable change clarifies the procedure for monitor reviews and outlines a suggestion for the crew chief to cue up the play first, and then bring in the U1 and U2 individually to review the play with the referee.  Cueing the play first will minimize the time in close proximity to one another. The referee's leadership of the review is desired in all reviews.  This collaboration is a critical component to a successful and efficient review.  It is not recommended for officials to one-by-one view the monitor and then conference.  It is recommended for officials to put on a mask (if not already wearing one) for the review.

    Unity Patch:  The mechanics committee has approved the SAAC unity patch to be worn by officials on the pregame jacket.  Please see the posting on the unity patch on the Resources tab for more information.

    Division I Championship Information:  We anticipate requirements similar to those announced by Men's Basketball for their championship, please see the release on  The minimum number of games for championship eligibility has been reduced to 15 Division I games for this season only. It is forecasted that a smaller pool of officials will be selected for this year's championship.  When additional information is known it will be communicated with officials and coordinators. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.

    Reminders:  February 1 is the deadline for rules proposals and all eligibility requirements need to be completed by 5PM EST.

    Stay positive and test negative!  Stay safe everyone!  Let's finish strong!

    Penny Davis
    NCAA National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating

  • 1/27/2021

    2020-21 NCAA Women's Basketball You Make the Call #1 (Eligibility Requirement) is now available.  The deadline to view the video is February 1 at 5 pm Eastern Time.

    To view the required video, click the ELIGIBILITY Tab, and then the Eligibility Dashboard link.

  • 1/22/2021

    2020-21 NCAA Women's Basketball In-Season Training Video 5 (Eligibility Requirement) is now available.  The deadline to view the video is February 1 at 5 pm Eastern Time.

    To view the required video, click the ELIGIBILITY Tab, and then the Eligibility Dashboard link.

  • 1/15/2021

    2020-21 NCAA Women's Basketball In-Season Training Video 4 (Eligibility Requirement) is now available.  The deadline to view the video is February 1 at 5 pm Eastern Time.

    To view the required video, click the ELIGIBILITY Tab, and then the Eligibility Dashboard link.

  • 1/8/2021

    2020-21 NCAA Women's Basketball In-Season Training Video 3 (Eligibility Requirement) is now available.  The deadline to view the video is February 1 at 5 pm Eastern Time.

    To view the required video, click the ELIGIBILITY Tab, and then the Eligibility Dashboard link.

  • 1/7/2021

    Officials and referees may operate in proximity to student-athletes and school personnel during or as part of competition events. As a result, they may create risk for these individuals and may also be at risk for contracting COVID-19 from student-athletes. Beginning on page 26 of the NCAA Resocialization of Collegiate Sport: Developing Standard for Practice and Competition, the NCAA provides examples of testing and masking strategies for officials and information about officials’ proximity to competitors. Please review this information as you officiate NCAA competition this season.

    NOTE - The CDC guidelines related to gaiters have been updated. When wearing a one-layer gaiter, like the one officials may have received as part of the welcome packet process, it should be folded over to make two layers to be compliant with CDC guidelines. Other masks or face coverings that are in compliance with CDC recommendations also may be worn.

  • 12/28/2020

    2020-21 NCAA Women's Basketball In-Season Training Video 2 (Eligibility Requirement) is now available.  The deadline to view the video is February 1 at 5 pm Eastern Time.

    To view the required video, click the ELIGIBILITY Tab, and then the Eligibility Dashboard link.

  • 12/15/2020

    On November 21, 2020 a virtual session specific for Division II and III officials was attended by 442 officials across the country.   Participants were asked to view the posted Division I Virtual Clinic and Instructional Video prior to participating in the call.  

    The session was recorded and is now available to all officials.  Four video sections are available to you with the following contents:
    Part 1 - NCAA Division II and III Information
    Part 2 - COVID-19 Information
    Part 3 - Rules Information
    Part 4 - Mechanics and Officiating Information
    It's the goal of the women's basketball team to serve the game and to unify the basketball officiating community across our three divisions.  This session was an event designed to address these goals.  

    Thank you for your commitment to the game of basketball, particularly through these challenging times.   
    Stay safe and healthy,


    Penny Davis
    NCAA National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating

  • 12/9/2020

    2020-21 NCAA Women's Basketball In-Season Training Video 1 (Eligibility Requirement) is now available.  The deadline to view the video is February 1 at 5 pm Eastern Time.

    To view the required video, click the ELIGIBILITY Tab, and then the Eligibility Dashboard link.

  • 11/24/2020


    As we begin this unprecedented season, I want to share some important items with you. First and foremost, as you go through the season please protect the health and safety of yourself and your family! Please also approach the season with a mindset to protect the student-athletes, coaches and fellow officials. Navigating these circumstances will require patience and flexibility, and I have the utmost faith in the ability of the officiating community to be do their part to lead us through this most unique season.

    Information and reminders:

    1.  It is critical that we all stay current with information distributed through Arbiter.  Revised mechanics, rule interpretations and COVID guidance surrounding safety and mechanics will continue to change as we move forward in the season.

    2.  Please complete the Technical Fouls Report for all technical, intentional and disqualifying fouls, this if for all divisions.  Accurate data collection will assist us with directing guidance and training.

    3.  Rule interpretations related to COVID are the only modifications to rules that are permitted.  It is important that we start the season with enforcement of the rules as written with a keen focus on our points of emphasis.  Set a good tone for the season with strong and accurate enforcement in your first games.  This may be the first time that teams have had officials on their games.

    4.  Bench Decorum and sportsmanship are critical to our game.  Allowances for use of the "L" shaped bench provides the opportunity for coaches to be in the area behind the end line to communicate with bench personnel only.  Do NOT allow coaches to remain in this area to watch the game, instruct their players on the floor, or communicate with you from the end line area.  This area is not the coaching box and should be handled like other coaching box violations with warnings and/or technical fouls as appropriate.

    5.  New, the mechanics committee has provided guidance for games where the team benches are opposite the scorer's table, the Benches Opposite Table Guidance is posted under the resources tab.

    Thank you for your dedication to women's basketball.  I wish each of you a safe, healthy and successful season.  Stay positive and test negative, and wherever you are, please have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Penny Davis
    NCAA National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating


  • 11/17/2020

    This year’s women’s basketball rules will emphasize the importance of good sportsmanship throughout the regular season and championship. The Division I Women’s Basketball Oversight Committee wants to have clear expectations moving into the season. 

    Click here to read the full article from the Committee.

  • 11/9/2020


    As we are nearing the start of this unprecedented season, I wanted to share several pieces of information with you.  

    We have posted three videos from the virtual clinic on the videos tab for your review.  Division I officials participated in these sessions live, and we wanted to share the content with Division II and III officials as well.  Additionally, Jon Levinson and I will be hosting a virtual session specifically for Division II and III officials to allow for a Q&A session on November 21st 1:00 PM-3:00 PM EST. Registrations need to be completed by November 18th, 8PM EST.

    Under the resources section view the COVID-19 Mechanics Safety Practices, developed by the mechanics committee.  This document is intended to complement the Guidance and Considerations for Men’s and Women’s Basketball release.   A Two-Person Mechanics Guide has also been provided for your reference as circumstances may necessitate this in some instances.

    Things will continue to be changed as a result of the circumstances in our world, we must be nimble and adjust as needed.  As an example, it has been determined that the gaiter that was provided in your welcome packet needs to be worn in a specific way in order for it to be effective.   Lastly, a reminder that NCAA Referee Gear orders will be accepted through the end of November only.

    Thank you for your dedication and perseverance.  Please continue to stay safe and healthy as you prepare for the start of the season.

    Penny Davis
    NCAA National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating

  • 11/4/2020

    Please click the link to read Guidance and Considerations for Men’s and Women’s Basketball Officiating, which is intended as a resource to provide guidance for member schools and conferences in all divisions on the topic of basketball officiating.

  • 10/22/2020

    To:  All Division III Women’s Basketball Officials:

    Due to the current uncertainty surrounding the Division III women’s basketball season timeline, the NCAA Division III Women’s Basketball Committee has approved an adjustment to the timeline for Division III women’s basketball officials to complete their eligibility process for championship assignment. This adjustment includes opening a second window for Division III women’s basketball officials to complete the officiating test.

    If you are a DIII official and have not yet registered or completed your background check consent, and would like to delay your registration and consent due to the uncertainty of the season, we will open a second window to take the test for Division III women’s basketball officials only

    It will begin at 9 a.m. Eastern time, Monday, November 23, 2020, and will close at 5 p.m. Eastern time, Friday, December 18, 2020Please be aware that this second window only satisfies Division III eligibility.

    Please note

    -DIII officials that also work DI/DII, or have already registered, must meet all current deadlines and will not 'carry over' to the second window. 

    -DIII officials who’ve already taken the test this season will not be allowed to take the DIII test that is opening on November 23, 2020.  However, passing either test will satisfy your DIII eligibility requirement.

    Mary Toberman
    NCAA Division III Women’s Basketball National Coordinator of Officials

  • 10/22/2020

    Get your referee branded gear, available for a limited time.  Men’s and women’s sizes available in a variety of colors and styles.  Go to the NCAA Team Store and order today. The purchasing window is open now through December 1st.  Available to all officials!

  • 8/24/2020

    I hope that you are all healthy and staying safe.  This off-season has certainly been historic for us all.  While uncertainty remains, I am optimistic we will be back on the court this season.   I know we are all eager to get started with our return to sport.

    In preparation, it’s time to get registered with the NCAA Women’s Basketball Officiating Central Hub.  On the Central Hub, you will be able to read the latest rules interpretations from the Secretary-Rules Editor and bulletins from the National Coordinator, complete your requirements to be considered for a postseason assignment, take periodic rules quizzes, and review videos clips on correct application of the rules and mechanics of officiating.

    To register, click the REGISTRATION Tab at the top of the page.

    When available, the 2020-21 NCAA Women's Basketball Officiating Exam can be accessed on the TESTING Tab and the 2020-21 Women’s Basketball Officiating Video can be found on the VIDEO tab.  Searchable rules and case books are available by clicking on the RULES BOOK Tab.   An updated CCA app will deliver digital access to the Mechanics Manual located on the CCA APP Tab and new this year, a pdf version of the Mechanics Manual will be available on the opening day of the season.

    This year’s Welcome Packet includes the NCAA Women's Basketball Rules Book, NCAA Women's Basketball Case Book, and Women's CCA Mechanics Manual.  Welcome Packets will begin shipping in mid-September, with officials who registered first, receiving their packets first.  Any questions about welcome packets can be submitted here.

    Division I Virtual Clinic Registration will be completed as part of NCAA Women's Basketball Central Hub registration.  A week before your virtual clinic, you will receive the access details via email.  A link to the virtual clinic video will be provided to Division II, Division III  and all other officials after the Division I clinics are complete. 

    The ArbiterMobile app is available at no cost to NCAA registered officials. To download the app, please complete this season's officials' registration, and then download it from Google Play or iTunes

    Thank you for being a critical part of the Women’s Basketball Improvement Program.  If you have ideas or suggestions for improvement, please email me at:

    Have a great season!

    Penny Davis
    NCAA National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating

  • 7/30/2020

    During its July 22 videoconference, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel acted on several items.  Please click here to read the memorandum from Jeff Hurd, NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel.

  • 7/8/2020


    The mechanics committee has approved the adoption of new official’s jacket beginning in the 2020 season.  Please click here to view the announcement.

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